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ahmed tharwat

ahmed tharwat

An Accountant
Egyptian - Muslim
Date of Birth : 03 Aug 1994
Male - Unmarried
Current Country of Residence : Egypt

Data Communication

Email : ahmeda185@yahoo.com
Address : Egypt
phone : +2001093213565


  • Bachelor of commerce


  • The sum of the Corus Qualified Accountant aldarayn academy
  • sum to the Excel 2013 aldarayn academy
  • financial accounting atoz aldarayn Academy
  • session Corus education ICDL
  • course in electronic accounting
  • is a level of preparation of the curriculum vitae of each multidisciplinary
  • got level of personal interviews
  • 2 level of skills of job search on the Internet the most employment sites ( Beit - linkedin - recrui
  • holds a chorus of professional accountant aldarayn academy
  • The sum of the chorus in English Language


  • Work in the supreme body of the cadres of Egypt


  • Use the computer Good
  • Collective work: integration with the Action Team and solving problems
  • The truth, ethics and responsibility
  • The analytical skills and research
  • I have my own as logical and Hassan Act
  • Always have the desire to learn
  • I have the dedication and hard work and loyalty


  • العربية
  • The English language second language