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Mohammed Elsayd

Mohammed Elsayd

Egyptian - Muslim
Date of Birth : 16 Jun 1992
Male - Unmarried
Current Country of Residence : Egypt

Data Communication

Email : mu7md.elsayd@gmail.com
Address : Alexandria
phone : 01020205590


  • His role in rationing loads with Dr. Ali Al Beek in the Athletic Professions Club
  • The role of the preparation of trainers in the union of sports professions and youth and sports
  • Role in the injuries of stadiums and physiotherapy in the Association of sports professions
  • The role of nutrition in the union of sports professions
  • Role in Anatomy of the Association of Sports Professions
  • His role in Martial Arts and Kung Fu with the President of the Federation of Alexandria Kung Fu


  • Experience from 2006 till now in gymnasiums and general fitness
  • Experience in coordinating textures and improving physical fitness
  • Experience from 2007 so far in kung fu styles and sanda
  • Experience from 2011 until now in martial arts
  • Experience from 2013 so far in the art of fighting ground JIU-JITSU
  • Experience from 2014 so far in mixed martial arts MMA
  • Long experience in the field of injuries and how to avoid them during exercise
  • Experience 4 years in the treatment of injuries and physiotherapy
  • Experience in dealing with beginners and taking into account individual differences in exercises


  • Upgrading the physical level of beginners and coordinating the textures
  • Taking into consideration the biological clock and organizing training schedules
  • Ability to work on a program or a training program with a view
  • Avoid injuries, treat them if any, and post-injury rehabilitation
  • Teaching martial arts and self-defense skillfully
  • Making heroes in mixed martial arts


  • Arabic
  • English